About Disillusion

We are Disillusion.

Disillusion is for the people. The free spirits. The old souls. The thinkers. The artists. The wanderers. The aliens. The spiritual beings with a human existence. Anyone who has realized that trusting your instincts goes beyond any form of logic or conditioning.
Disillusion’s definitive purpose is to destigmatize the day to day lifestyle and focus on the development of self-awareness. The monotonous routine of work-eat-sleep-repeat detracts from the human experience. We hope that our work can portray the message that its time to wake up as a species and rediscover how to connect on a fundamental level. There are changes to be made in this world by those who dare to question their state of reality.
Our products are created by local artists who have begun to realize their internal muses, to infuse your life with original psychedelic designs and spiritual insight. We exist to open your reality to the greater functions of our intricately connected universe. Disillusion is what you were looking for.


Green Practices

Disillusion recognizes the importance of upholding certain ethical standards for operating a clothing manufacturing business. Our responsibility is to counter the continuing unethical practices of the global apparel industry. It is a process of continual improvement and conscious decisions to reduce the negative impact on our planet from consumerism. To show our commitment, Disillusion functions within Fairtrade Standards.
Ethical Manufacturing: Our Fairtrade certified clothing and tapestries are made with respect for people and the environment. Our production is handled in small scales in China and creates sustainable full-time employment for our skilled workers. Autonomous processes are eliminated where possible to emphasize the abilities of the workers that create our products.
Made-to-Order Production: Each garment is made only when an order is placed on our website. This encourages quality and avoids the issues imposed by mass production. It eliminates any waste from over production and is fundamental to sustainable practices.
Sustainable Products: Although our products are not made from natural fibers, polyester provides environmental advantages that are not obvious at first. Unlike natural fiber production, polyester is one of the most water-conservative materials to use. Synthetic fiber production doesn’t require the use of agricultural land, avoiding any conflict with land scarcity and competition for resources. Our products are made to last a lifetime as a result of the quality manufacturing and reducing plastic over-consumption and waste.
Online Sales: Our store establishes a direct interface between the customers and the manufacturers, cutting out the middle man. This allows a reduction in transportation needs and overhead costs, while increasing the transparency of our operations.


Our Process

Disillusion specializes in print-on-demand dye sublimation apparel, since this allows our designs to print across the full surface of the product without any sacrifices in color. This method of printing allows apparel to last infinitely longer than comparable cotton products.
Sublimated clothing transcends the limitations imposed by silk screen methods used for cotton such as cracking, fading, or wrinkling. Instead, heat and pressure applied to the dye alter the chemical composition of the fabric. Consequently our products will always feel soft to the touch with a design that will stand the test of time.
We create all our garments via our own cut and sew operation. This process uses separate patterns for each part of the garment. As a result, the designs may not match up perfectly at the seams.